Kingdom Couples

This is a pro-marriage gathering that supports and strengthens couples and families. The love between couples are usually re-ignited after every session. Couples bond up more and experience great peace and joy in this awesome meeting. This platform helps couples to work together as a team and is a life-saver for troubled marriages. It is usually a memorable experience as couples share this precious time together without children interfering. From time to time, this Forum also organizes Couples’ Dinner. The testimonies from participants are simply mind-blowing. Email info@hopeforthenations.org.uk for the next meeting.

Ladies Of Influence

Women have a strategic place in society and the kingdom of God. Throughout history, they have played great roles that have brought blessings to their generation. Women are definitely agents of great transformation and are a valuable addition to existence. They thus need encouragement and support to maximize their God-given potentials. This forum, therefore, helps to build strength, capacity, and confidence in ladies of all ages to rise up and contribute their much-needed quota to the society and the kingdom of God. The forum gives ladies the opportunity to meet, relax, and “de-stress” as well. Participants learn from each other and resource persons on topical issues.

Hope Builders

True men seem to be in short supply in our generation. But this is not because of the unavailability of adult males. It is rather because of the deep erosion of manly virtues and capacity. This forum aims to build up ” a God-Man” who is properly furnished to play their roles at home, in the society, and the kingdom of God. This great platform, therefore, helps to bring out the “man” in every adult human male. It is about supporting men to fulfill their role of love, care, leadership, and heroic achievements. It will definitely help everyone to “grow up”, become a builder, and be involved in things that will shape society aright.

Singles’ Summit

This is a vibrant gathering of Singles from various backgrounds on a monthly basis of Ideas Exchange and Strategic Networking. It has various great sessions including focus groups on important and relatable topics, highly insightful presentations on the relationship and allied matters, and a Question and Answers session. Participants have found this forum to be highly informative and empowering. The eye-opening teachings will help singles in character-building and knowing how to avoid both the common and hidden pitfalls confronting them. Some of those who have benefited from this support structure is now happily married. The feedback and testimonies from participants in this awesome and monthly event are usually amazing!